Lava Relax Body Massage

This is the Ultimate calming massage. Lava Shell relax is the soothing solution. Deep tissue work on the feet, legs, back and shoulders. Ease away all muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking energy flow and restoring a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. Lava relax massage offers the benefits of a hot stone massage but with an added bonus of being eco-friendly and hygienic. The shells are 100% genuine recycled tiger clam shells which heat up internally.
30 mins £45
1 hr 15 mins £65

Lava Shell Thermal Facial
Utilising the natural heat from within the lavashells to help penetrate the Spa Find products deeper into the skin and incorporating the triple lava lift facial massage. This is a natural, deeply hydrating and anti-ageing holistic facial therapy treatment. The facial has a renewing and reviving effect on the complexion leaving the skin radiant and glowing. The face, neck and décolleté are deeply cleansed and polished to prepare the skin for specialised massage using warm self-heating lava shells.

1 hr 15 mins £60